Three Critical Items To Research Before Contracting With A Powder Coating Company

March 10, 2019


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Painting a surface is an excellent way to give it enhanced visual appeal, and most paint products are designed to protect the material underneath from a variety of environmental threats. The problem, however, is choosing an application process that does not provide a strong bond and may cause the paint to chip and flake. A company that provides powder coating services will streamline the process of covering an item, but it is imperative to ask about the following aspects of their production techniques.

Heat Source

Powder coating requires the use of heat to ensure the paint material cures and bonds to the surface of the item. A company that uses radiant heat will increase the temperature of an oven until the paint reaches the maximum temperature needed for the curing process without heating the interior of the object to a dangerous level. Not only does it provide for a beautiful result, but it reduces the expense of the project by requiring less heat and therefore less fuel.

Oven Type

Another important consideration is the type of oven that is used, and those with a camel-back design efficiently recirculate the air inside without creating cross-contamination of the powdered paint product. The stove should also have a control panel that continuously monitors the interior environment and maintains a constant temperature. An oven of this design will reduce the time and financial investment required when painting items via a powder coating process.

Maintenance Regiment

The equipment used by a company should be maintained regularly, and the most critical aspect is proper calibration of ovens. If the thermostat inside the device is not accurate, it may cause the temperature inside to become too hot or too cold. A company that calibrates equipment every six months will produce items that are of the highest quality and that are ready to stand the test of time.

If traditional painting methods don’t offer the quality and durability required for a project, it may be time to seek other options. Custom WyteLyne Powder Coating is a leading provider of heat application services and will help give any item an exterior surface that is as beautiful as it is hardy. Visit their site to learn more or call today to get a free quote.